Villa Socrates in Rhodes (Rodos)

Picture Gallery #01

Part of our lovely patio furniture

One of our many slabbed patio areas with furniture made by a local Dutchman Claes.

"We had a very nice time. Thank you!"

Picture Gallery #02

Aphrodite Apartment

The view of the hills from Aphrodite side balcony.

"Two fantastic weeks."

Picture Gallery #03

View of the back garden and the sea from Aphrodite Apartment

This is the stunning view from Aphrodite Studio's front balcony.

"Lovely stay. Loved taking the fish for a swim every day! Just what we were looking for. Hope to be back one day."

Picture Gallery #04

Aphrodite Apartment

The sea view from Aphrodite.

"Very enjoyable stay! Mojito Bar is approx. 20 min walk down the road to the left. Hope to be back."

Picture Gallery #05

The view from the 2-bed room in Poseidon

Picture Gallery #06

Marble stairs

There are marble steps up to the front door and marble stairs between all the floors.

Picture Gallery #07

Dining table and decoration

The dining table is extendible to accommodate a full party.

Patio garden

Our flower garden next to the patio.

Picture Gallery #08

Picture Gallery #09


One of many oregano bushes for the guests to use.

Picture Gallery #10

Patio garden

The patio flower garden.

Picture Gallery #11

The first of 3 cactus gardens

Cactuses with a backdrop of oleanders.

Picture Gallery #12

Garden furniture with hibiscus

Sit and relax surrounded by hibiscus

Oleander and Hibiscus

Both sides of the back garden are a mass of flowers for months.

Picture Gallery #13

Picture Gallery #14

Garden furniture

Picture Gallery #15

Pomegranate flowers

Pomegranate flowers and fruit.

Picture Gallery #16

Palm bench

Keith's favourite place to chill with a book and a drink.

Picture Gallery #17

Flower trough

There is a beautiful flower trough built into the front wall full of lantana flowers most of the year.

Picture Gallery #18

Flower trough and entrance

The lanatnas and the entrance to the villa.

Picture Gallery #19


Oleanders in full bloom against a perfect blue sky.

Picture Gallery #20

Front garden

The front garden in full bloom.

Picture Gallery #21

Front garden

The front garden viewed from above - from Aphrodite side balcony.

Picture Gallery #22

Silk tree

The silk tree which towers over the herb garden in full bloom in June.

Picture Gallery #23

Silk tree

The silk tree and the rest of the front garden from above.

Picture Gallery #24


Apricots growing in the front garden.

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