Villa Socrates in Rhodes (Rodos)

Things to See #01

Rodos Town

Rodos Town is the capital of the island,
situated at the nothernmost tip.
The harbour is where the Colossus of
Rhodes used to stand.

Things to See #02

Rodos Old Town

Rodos Old Town has been voted Number One
UNESCO World Heritage Site.
It is an enormous castle and medieval town.

Things to See #03

Rodos Old Town

These are the outer defences to keep
the Turks out.
It didn't work.

Things to See #04

The square at the bottom of Socrates street

A lovely place for a meal. There are
terraced tavernas and waiters beckoning
from every angle.

Things to See #05

Sound and Light Show

Relive the valiant but unsuccesful
defence of Rodos by the Christian
knights. Set in a beautiful garden,
the castle walls are illuminated
and a prerecorded soundtrack tells
the story. (No actors!)

Things to See #06

Lindos Acropolis - Temple of Athena

Lindos has a fine Acropolis with stunning views.

Things to See #07

Lindos Acropolis - Entrance

Things to See #08

Greek Easter celebrations

On Easter Monday the locals get together for food, music and dance only a mile away from our villa. Remember that's Greek Easter.

Seven Springs

This is a tiny microclimate where seven springs emerge from the rocks and the sun never penetrates and it is full of moss. You think you're in England. There's a nice taverna there to refresh yourself.

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